True Water – Purity at Its Purest

By March 6, 2019 No Comments

The brand sells an idea as it has done for Space X and Tesla, and it is the same for True Water, a water bottle company that packs a punch from its processing to packaging processes. It is bottled water for the future by simply being a step ahead of its competitors as discussed below.

The Source of Water for True Water

True Water’s intricate way of picking a source is the first of its time. This eco-friendly water bottle distribution company uses natural spring water which is outsourced from springs throughout the East Coast of the United States. 

This art of selection is done with care because True Water’s objective is to package and distribute healthy water. The selected springs are usually natural, therefore, free of any toxins and comprises all the mineral components our bodies require. 

Water Purification

When selling True Water, the slogan that comes to mind is ‘Purity In Each Bottle.’ This is relative to our state of the art water purification system, surpassing the purity standards set by the federal government. This extensive care in purification arises from True Water’s desire to give its customers a great taste in each bottle.

The company’s Reverse Osmosis purification system ensures you get the purest standards available. It does this by removing all the ions, large particle and molecules from the spring water. Moreover, you can be certain that each bottle of True Water has been produced at one of its purification centers. 

True Water’s Environmental Consciousness

True Water falls in line with the social responsibility code required of firms by minimizing its carbon footprint in order to keep our oceans clean. This bottling and distribution company understands that it has a responsibility to stick to ethics in an effort to make a difference.

True Water focuses on the environment and the community around it, partnering up with like-minded individuals to bring change. 

Minimizing its Carbon Footprint

Water packaging is done in plastic bottles which are polyethylene terephthalate, meaning it ages before it properly decomposes. True Water’s water bottles use 50% of recycled and it is committed to moving further to 100%. BPA free plastic costs less in comparison to the plastic used by its competitors too!

True Water’s Retail Display

If you sign up as a distributor with True Water, you enter a collaboration with this bottling and distribution company. This means you will have adequate retail space for True Water, hence exposing your customers to quality drinking water at the best prices in the market.